NRG Greenboard™40mm – 60mm – 75mm - 100mm


Showing unique, 'Registered Design Certified' diagonal grooving system – Advantages better key for rendered surface, in addition to allowing the inner surface to breath against the sarking membrane.

NRG EPS Battens


NRG  CR  (Cavity Release)

- NRG 35 x 15 x 1200mm Batten


NRG 35 x 25 x 1200mm Batten.

- (See 'NRG  CR'  Table  1.0 )

External PVC Bead

- External corners
- Option, window and door reveals (External corners)

Available in 3.5mm and 6mm render system, at 3m lengths



Reveal Bead 40mm - 60mm - 75mm


- Window Reveals.

- Base edge of cladding.

- Control joints.

Available in 3.5mm and 6mm render systems at 3m lengths.

Starter Bead 40mm - 60mm - 75mm - 100mm (Cavity Release)


- Concrete slab, rebate base starter bead.

- Timber floor: NRG base bead.

- Over lower roof base bead.
Available in 3.5mm and 6mm render systems at 3m lengths

Expansion Joint Bead


- Horizontal control joints.

- Vertical control joints.

- Sunhood drip groove.

Available in 3.5mm and 6mm render systems at 3m lengths

NRG PVC Feature Bead


- Feature Greenboard Recesses.

- Horizontal and Vertical.

- Available as 3.5mm and 6mm render systems, at 3m lengths.

- (See 'NRG Feature Panel')

UV Stablised.

Adhesives & Sealant

- Bostik Fireban One: Fire rated Polyurethane Sealant.

- Bostik Seal'n Flex: Polyurethane UV Stablised Sealant.

- Bostik Adhesive: 'No more nails' (See page 11 of NRG Specification Guide)



Foam Adhesives


- Installation of both Sunhoods & Blades.

- Larger hole fillers.

- Masonary assist adhesion.

Powers – Expanded Trigger Foam
Power(s) Foam Cleaner(s)x

NRG Greenboard Polymer Modified Render


- 1st Coat application, together with NRG Fibreglass Mesh.

- 2nd Coat application.

Sunhood & Blades:

 Mechanical Fixings:

- Galvanised Brackets.
- Coach Screws (Timber).
- Anchor Bolts (Masonry).
- Purlin Bolts (Steel).

(See specification guide)

NRG Acrylic Texture.


- 3rd Coat (Flat plastic float finish).

- Apply as final acrylic coating, over polymer modified render.

- Minimum cure time 48hrs, before paint applied finishes.

NRG Greenbaord™ Mesh


- Reinforced, alkali resistant, fibreglass 160g/m mesh.

- Lightly trowelled into 1st Polymer render coat.



- NRG Sunhoods.

- Post render, x 2 Coats.

- Pre-paint application.

Select UV Stablised product, made to adhere to cementuous based material.

Stud Fixing & Washers

Timber Fixing and Metal Fixings
N.B. Screws are to be Galvanised or Treated (Class 3)
All NRG PVC Washers and Fixings are required at 300mm
Maximum centres - Refer to Page 9 DWG 1.0
Extreme environments - consideration should be given to the use of T316 Stainless Steel Fixings

NRG Greenboard™ Timber Framing Treated CSK Ribbed Head Steel Framing Treated CSK Drill Point
40mm 10.8 x 65mm 55mm
60mm 10.8 x 100mm 75mm
75mm 10.8 x 100mm 90mm
100mm 10.8 x 125mm 125mm


Masonry Fixings

a simple but effective method of fixing Greenboard™ to masonry surfaces.

NRG Greenboard™ Hilti™ IDP
Polypropylene Anchors
Hilti™ IDP Anchors
Maximum Fixing Centers
40mm 70mm Refer:- iv) above for spacing details
60mm 90mm
75mm 110mm